Thousand Oaks Residence

Designer: Mark Levy, Judson Studios

Two classic Greene and Greene fixtures were recreated for this Thousand Oaks Residence.

The first custom fixture on this project is a grand scale version of the living room fixture at the “Gamble
House”. The original Gamble House fixture is 24” long (First two photos) and this new grand scale
fixture was fabricated at 72” long.

Because of the size and weight of this grand scale fixture we engineered an internal metal skeleton
to support the solid mahogany frame. This internal metal frame not only gave support to the wood
structure but also created the necessary electrical wire way and socket supports. This same metal
frame allowed for top doors to be installed to give a finished look from above and access for cleaning
and re-lamping the fixture.

As with the Gamble House fixture, this new grand scale fixture was suspended by leather straps and
then connected to the center ridge beam of the great room. Due to the size and weight of the fixture, a
Kevlar material was sewn into the double sided leather straps for safety.

The intricate stained glass panels were the creation of Designer Mark Levy of Judson Studios again using
the original Gamble House fixture as his inspiration.

The exterior fixture for this project is a also a grand scale recreation of a Greene & Greene “Pratt House”
fixture. Since it would be exposed to the weather, this new custom version was fabricated in solid
copper instead of the original mahogany construction. To create the look and feel of the original fixture,
the frame was formed and tig-welded to replicate the shape of solid wood construction. This labor
intensive welding process gave this copper version the depth and feel of solid wood to stay true to the
original design of the “Pratt House fixture.

A spiral socket design was designed to give even illumination along the 6’ frame and one of the sides of
the fixture was hinged to all for re-lamping and cleaning.