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Our product development and engineering staff can take a light fixture idea, a sketch on a cocktail napkin or a full set of formal CAD drawings and execute the design and construction to the highest quality standards.

Because our production is maintained in Orange, in the same facility as our design and engineering team, we have the ability to offer a limitless amount of custom options, all within a seamless ordering experience. We invite you to include us in your specification process for all custom jobs.



1)    Contract Illumination was founded over 23 years ago as a custom lighting manufacturer for commercial buildings, chain restaurants and exclusive residential properties. Over the years we have worked hard to build an experienced design and fabrication team along with a complete fabrication facility to provide our customers with” on time” and “on budget” lighting projects. You simply need to let us know what you need and we take care of the rest.

2)    Once provided with your complete fixture specifications we will begin estimating the cost and preparing an accurate and timely quote; typically within 24 to 48 hours. If the requested quote does not have enough specificity to provide an accurate quote, Contract Illumination can be retained on a design consultation basis at $125.00 per hour to finalize your design. Our quoted prices are firm for 60 days and unless changes are made in the quantity or design we will hold firm to our quoted price no matter the difficulty we may experience during manufacturing. Our quoted price will include all costs involved in engineering and fabrication as well as special packaging or crating requirements. Freight charges and sales tax are added to the order balance.

3)    When your order is placed, we will begin to work out the intimate design and engineering details and provide you with CAD drawings for your approval. This process can take from two to three weeks depending on the type of fixture and size of the project. Once the drawings are formally approved your order is placed into the production schedule.

4)    When manufacturing is completed your order it is packaged for shipment to your job site. We provide all necessary documents for shipment as well as any special assembly or installation instructions. On many occasions we have provided on site supervision of fixture assembly and special installation. Contact your sales person or Contract Illumination management for an estimate of the cost for this service.

5)    A successful custom lighting project combines expert design, exceptional craftsmanship and world class project management. Contract Illumination has a 23 year reputation for providing this trouble free service. We hope you allow us to provide this same outstanding service for your next custom lighting project.


Terms & Conditions

1) PURCHASE ORDER: All orders begin with a formal purchase order confirming Contract Illuminations terms for payment (50% deposit), fixture quantity, fixture description, quoted price, ship date and ship to address.

2) PAYMENT: All orders require a 50% deposit at the time of order. The 50% deposit and final payment can be paid by company check or by credit card. (Visa, Master Card, American Express). Sales tax, (if applicable) and freight charges will be added to the balance due payment. The final payment is due in full when manufacturing has been completed. If the delivery date has been delayed, the final payment is due and storage charges may apply.

3) ORDER ACCURACY. We will not be held responsible for discrepancies in quantities or custom specifications, even though we may have assisted in their preparation. The details and quantities contained in our Order Acknowledgement will be deemed final and will supersede any conflicting details or quantities contained in a client’s purchase order. If drawings are required, a client must review and sign each individual drawing prior to order processing.

4) RETURNS OR CANCELLATIONS. Contract Illumination fixtures are custom and therefore may not be cancelled or returned for any reason.

5) DESIGN CONCEPTS. We require that requests for quotations be made with sufficient specificity to allow for accurate quotations. If needed, Contract Illumination can be retained on a design consultation basis at $125.00 per hour to finalize your custom designs.

6)  SHIPMENT. Unless otherwise requested, Contract Illumination fixtures are shipped via common carrier, F.O.B. Orange, CA.  Smaller fixture orders may ship via UPS ground.  An estimate of freight charges may have been provided at the time of order; the actual freight charges will be added to the balance of the order.

7) DAMAGED OR DEFECTIVE FIXTURES.  Customers must examine merchandise upon receipt and report any damage to Contract Illumination within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt.  Claims for damage will not be honored after that period.  All packaging must be retained when making a claim for damage and visible damage must be noted in writing with the shipper. Fixtures must be inspected at the time of receipt for defects or deficiencies. We will not be liable for anything beyond replacement or repair of defective or deficient fixtures, and will not be held responsible for installation expenses incurred as a result of a deficiency or defect. Installation constitutes acceptance.

8) SITE CONDITIONS.  Contract Illumination does not accept responsibility or liability for site preparation or conditions, installation, sealing or refinishing.  It is the responsibility of the customer to determine that site conditions are suitable to receive the fixtures ordered. This includes electrical junction boxes and water/weather conditions. Contract Illumination is not liable for defective or improper installation work.

9) SHOP DRAWINGS. We will create and provide production shop drawings for client approval on custom projects after an formal order with 50% deposit has been placed. The engineering and design time required to generate such approval drawings is included in the price of custom fixtures. If, however, a client makes significant or numerous changes to the design or specifications of a project after our engineers have prepared approval drawings, additional engineering fees may apply. Our hourly rate for such additional engineering work is currently set at $125.00 per hour. Significant changes to design or specifications may also require that an entire project be re-quoted. Once presented, delays in client approval of production shop drawings beyond five (5) days may result in a delayed ship date.

10) PRE-ORDER SHOP DRAWINGS. If a client requires CAD drawings for review prior to placing an order, an engineering charge of $125/hr will apply. This fee is non-refundable if the client decides not to move forward with production of the project. However, if the client does move forward, the engineering charges that would otherwise apply will be put toward the cost of the project itself.

11) PAYMENT FOR SHOP DRAWINGS / CONSULTATION. If fees for shop drawings or design consultation are required, we will charge fees for such work to a credit card provided by the client and kept on file specifically for such purpose. Accounting for hourly work and credit card receipts will be provided to the client.

12) PRODUCTION LEAD TIMES. Our average lead times range from 6 to10 weeks from the date of approved and signed drawings. Lead times can vary widely depending on the quantity and complexity of the fixtures and will be more accurately estimated at the time of order.

13) UL LISTING. Our UL listing will apply for most custom fixtures. Certain types of fixtures may fall outside of these listings and may require special inspection and testing. Costs for this testing will be discussed in advance and added to the fixture quote.

14) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.  Contract Illumination retains copyright and ownership of all quotations, designs, drawings and plans.


Contract Illumination’s products carry a one (1) year warranty for materials and craftsmanship.  We firmly stand behind everything we make and will do what is necessary to ensure client satisfaction should anything fall short of expectations.

The one (1) year warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the fixture itself, and does not extend to ancillary charges such as site work or electrician fees.

The determination of whether repair or replacement is appropriate will be made by Contract Illumination at our sole discretion.  Any approved repair work must be performed at our manufacturing facility.  Any unauthorized repairs or modifications will void this warranty entirely.  Incorrect installation or failure to follow our care instructions will void this warranty entirely.  This warranty does not cover freight damage, damages from weathering, misuse, or normal wear and tear.