In today’s world lighting fixture design is as much about historical accuracy and artistic beauty as it is lighting performance and efficiency.   At Wentworth Avenue we’re able to accomplish this sometimes difficult task by calling upon our many years of “hands on” experience combined with our 21st century design technology.
Our lighting fixture designs come alive with our 3-D design software, (Solidworks) allowing our customers to see their creations from all angles and “in motion” long before we cut a single piece of metal.
We’re able to quickly create component parts in plastic with our rapid prototyping machine which makes 3-D parts for review without committing to expensive tooling or castings.  This 3-D technology gives Wentworth Avenue customers the comfort of knowing their fixture designs will be exactly as designed and finally created.


Beautiful lighting fixtures give a project a unique signature that lasts a lifetime. Executing a historical reproduction or pure custom fixture demands the same quality of construction and attention to detail that goes into the overall project as well
Manufacturing historically inspired lighting fixtures takes a successful blend of lighting experience, engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities. Wentworth Avenue’s factory in Orange, CA has this unique blend of experience and manufacturing capability.  We use hi-tech water-jet cutting, computer CNC milling as well as many types of metal forming, metal bending, and welding which allows us to turn your lighting fixture design into your own personal lighting masterpiece.


As with a fine automobile, the finish on a light fixture is not only the “finishing touch” but can make or break the overall product design.
Our facility in Orange has the capability to apply chemical patina finishes on brass and copper as well as quality stain finishes on oak and mahogany. For those applications that require a paint finish we can apply a durable powder coat finish, or a multi step, dry brush painted finish.
With over 24 years of experience applying beautiful finishes on our metal and wood lighting fixtures our many customers have experienced a comfort that their finished product will be as beautiful as they specified and imagined.