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Our product design and engineering staff can take a custom light fixture idea, a sketch on a cocktail napkin or a full set of formal CAD drawings and execute your custom fixture design and construction to the highest quality standards. Our design and production staff is located in Orange, CA giving us the ability to offer a limitless amount of custom options, all within a seamless ordering experience.

1) Once provided with your complete fixture specifications we will begin estimating the cost and preparing an accurate and timely quote; typically within 24 to 48 hours. If the requested quote does not have enough specificity to provide an accurate quote, Wentworth Avenue’s design team can be retained on a design consultation basis at $125.00 per hour to finalize your design. We honor our quoted prices for 60 days and unless changes are made in the quantity or design we will hold firm to our quoted price. Our quoted price will include all costs involved in engineering and fabrication as well as special packaging or crating requirements. Freight charges and sales tax are added to the order balance.

2) When your order is placed, we will begin to work out the intimate design and engineering details and provide you with CAD drawings for your approval. This process can take from two to three weeks depending on the type of fixture and size of the project. Once the drawings are formally approved your order is placed into the production schedule.

3) One completed and ready to ship, Wentworth Avenue will select the best form of shipping based on the order size and the project location. We provide all necessary documents for shipment as well as any special assembly or installation instructions. On many occasions we have provided on site supervision of fixture assembly and special installation. Contact your sales person or Wentworth Avenue’s management for an estimate of the cost for this service.